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21 Highest-Paying Freelance Jobs From Home

Whether you're a stay-at-home mom or student, these 21 highest-paying freelance jobs from home will help you earn extra cash even if you're a beginner.

How To Become A Music Tutor And Work At Home

Whether you’re looking for online music tutoring jobs or want to start your own online music school, we’ll show you how to become a music tutor and work at home.

7 Tips For Beginners To Find Freelance Writing Jobs From Home

Want to learn how to become a freelance writer? These 7 freelance writing jobs tips will help you find freelance writing jobs at home. 

How To Get Paid To Write Essays As An Online Essay Writer

One of the best ways to get paid to write online is to become an online essay writer. This article will show you how to make money writing essays from home.

Resume Writer Jobs: Start A Professional Resume Writer Career

Looking for resume writer jobs? Learn how to start a resume writing career and earn money working from home as a certified professional resume writer.

My interview on freelance digital marketing jobs with Sangeeta Kumar of Diginekt

In this video, Sangeeta Kumar of Diginekt interviews me about freelance digital marketing jobs and working from home in India.

10 of the best online tutoring sites to find online tutoring jobs

Here are the top 10 online tutoring sites that represent the best tutoring companies, with tips on what makes them so popular for tutoring jobs online.

25+ awesome, free digital marketing courses online, no fees required

Can you learn digital marketing online without spending any digital marketing course fees? This list of 13+ free digital marketing courses will help you do that.

How to find genuine online data entry jobs or typing jobs from home in India

Online data entry jobs are popular work-from-home options for students and moms. Learn how to find genuine online typing jobs from home in India.

7 part time jobs from home that stay-at-home moms can do

Are you a stay-at-home mom looking for a career that offers flexibility? Here are 7 legitimate part-time work-from-home jobs you can do.

How can a software developer or computer programmer work from home?

Can a software developer or computer programmer work from home? Learn how to freelance as a programmer and get the best work from home IT jobs.

7 steps to create a YouTube recipe channel and earn money online

If you love to cook and help others learn too, you'll love this article on how to create a YouTube recipe channel step-by-step and earn money with it.

How to earn money with online tutoring

Looking for an online tutoring job? This online tutoring guide will give you the resources you need to start your online tutoring career (applies to India as well as other countries).

8 things to know before you become a freelance writer

Thinking of taking up freelance writing as a work-from-home job? Here are 8 things you need to know before you break into the world of freelance writing.

6 steps to start a virtual assistant business from home

A virtual assistant (or VA) handles routine stuff for small business owners. Here’s a checklist to becoming a virtual assistant to get you started.

Freelance translator jobs: Start a work from home career with your language skills

Are you skilled at communicating in more than one language? Here's why working from home as a freelance translator may the perfect job for you.

5 websites to find the highest-paying entry-level remote transcription jobs, no experience required

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of websites that showcase the best and highest-paying remote transcription jobs, no experience required.

How to succeed spectacularly in your digital marketing career

Have you ever asked the question, “Is digital marketing a good career in India?” Learn the 8 abilities you need and 5 tips to succeed spectacularly in your digital marketing career.

10 steps to succeed in your affiliate marketing business

Want to make money with affiliate marketing? Follow these 10 steps to launch your affiliate marketing business and you’ll achieve the success you desire.

Life Coaching Business: Be rewarded for transforming lives

If you have the heart, the enthusiasm, the desire to be of service, and some training in psychology, then life coaching is a good profession to consider.

Top beauty courses in India: Start your career as a beauty professional

Want to become a beauty professional? Here are the best institutes for beauty courses in India where you can join world-class beauty training courses.

4 jobs that help you earn money online from home without investment

Whether you have skills or not, you can find online work from home jobs. Here are 4 jobs that help you earn money online from home without investment.

4 professions of the future that won’t let you fall behind

Which profession has the best future? Choose from these 4 professions for a career that you not only love, but that also meets the needs of the market.

The ultimate guide to the best jobs for women in india

Taking into account the numerous strengths women have and the opportunities in various industries, here is a list of the best jobs for women in India.

5 best jobs for women over 40

Age discrimination against women begins when they reach 35. Here are 5 jobs for women over 40 that will embrace your experience and hard-won wisdom.

Careers for women over 50: A new inning in your golden years

the biggest advantage that the women over 50 have on their side is the experience they have accumulated over a lifetime. Here we’ve listed some of the best careers for women over 50.


7 reasons why online courses are the future of education

The future of education lies in embracing online learning and online courses. Here are seven reasons why online education is the future of education.

Top online MBA courses from online business schools in India and abroad

Want to upgrade your business skills without taking a break? Check out these online MBA courses from top business schools in India and abroad.

7 lesser known career tools for job seekers and women going places

Give your career a boost with this list of the best career tools for job seekers. Use them to increase your chance of finding the job of your dreams.

Home office ergonomics: Home office furniture to help you do your best work

Working from home? Designing an ergonomic home office is a must. Follow our home office ergonomics guide to buy ergonomic home office furniture.

5 reasons why you shouldn’t wait to start your work-from-home career

Want to start working from home? Here are 5 reasons you should not wait if you want to get started with your work-from-home career.

3 work from home options: which one is right for you?

Some women just want a simple work from home job while others are willing to challenge themselves and start a business. Which one is right for you?

Why where you live has nothing to do with how much you earn

Thanks to the internet, there is no lack of opportunity or limit to your earnings today. There is only lack of imagination.

7 questions every work from home mom needs to ask herself

Working from home is not as easy as it sounds. These 7 questions will help work from home for moms in India get their schedule and priorities in order.

10 online and mobile security tips for remote workers

In this article, we list 10 essential steps to secure your sensitive data and devices so that hackers can’t steal your information when working from home.

6 steps to sell yourself as a freelancer

How do you sell yourself as a freelancer so you can charge what you’re worth? Here are 6 steps to create a wave in the crowded marketplace.

The empowering guide to online safety for women

This women’s ultimate safety guide against online harassment will show you how to stay safe with online dating, cyber-bullying or chatting online.

How to stay motivated when working from home: 7 ways to boost productivity

Freelancing requires dedication and commitment in order to foster a professional attitude. Here are 7 ways to stay motivated when working from home.

7 steps to set up your home office for maximum productivity and wellness

Learn how to set up your home office to maximise productivity and wellness with our home office setup ideas and home office essentials list.

Furthering your education: Advantages of being a life-long learner

Learn the benefits of furthering your education and being a life-long learner, whether for better career prospects or new opportunities.

6 benefits of networking events for freelancers, employees or entrepreneurs

It's not what you know but who you know. Here are 6 benefits of attending networking events, whether you’re a freelancer, an employee, or an entrepreneur.

How to charge what you're worth and get it

Have you ever wanted to raise your fees - but felt totally scared to do it? Here’s how to charge what you're worth and get it.

10 ways to keep clients happy in your freelance business

How can you keep your clients happy when you're running a freelance business? Here are a few client management tips that work very well.

6 steps to finding your life purpose and passion in 2019

Having a life purpose creates true happiness, but finding it is not always easy. Here are six tips to help you find your life purpose in 2019.

7 proofreading and editing tips and tools for stellar client emails

As a freelancer, your email writing skills can make or break your client relationship. Here are 7 proofreading and editing tips and tools for stellar client emails.

Why writing a professional resume is important to your job hunt

Resumes are used to supplement a traditional job application. No matter what type of job you're applying for, you'll want to create a professional resume.

Freelancers, learn how to write a resume that wins clients

One of the top marketing tools to showcase your freelance work is to write an effective resume that reflects your freelance experience.

How female job seekers are unintentionally self-sabotaging their job hunt

Women get easily discouraged when applying for jobs. These are the 3 major job hunting mistakes they are making and tips on how to avoid them.

Gig workers: What problems do they face in their careers?

Is the gig economy or freelancing bad for workers? What are the problems that gig workers and freelancers face in their careers? Read about it here.

5 work-from-home resources to get you back to work at any age

5 carefully curated work-from-home resources that will get you started on your journey to becoming a WAHM (work-at-home-mom).


How to start a stitching and embroidery business from home in India

If you love creating impressive embroidery patterns, this article will show you step-by-step how to start an embroidery business from home in India.

10 (more) proven small business ideas for Indian women

Need small scale business ideas for housewives? Adding to our many lists of small business ideas, here are 10 more small business ideas for Indian women.

10 reasons to quit your job and start a business

If you're at the stage where you want to work for yourself, here are 10 valid reasons why you should quit your job and start a business now.

How to start a business in India step-by-step

India has emerged as the best place for women entrepreneurs to start a business. Here's how to start a business in India step-by-step.

10 business ideas for women startups: Turn your passion into a business

Indian women are evolving from home-makers into full-fledged entrepreneurs. Here are 10 business ideas to turn your passion into a business.

6 genius ways to promote your business online without a website

No website? No problem! Here are 6 genius ways to reach your customers without a website.

How to start a website for your small business

Your website showcases everything there is to know about your business. Here are the steps to create and launch your own business website.

6 business ideas for moms based on your motherhood experience

Want to use the knowledge you gained during motherhood to start a business? Here are 6 ideas for stay-at-home moms with entrepreneurial aspirations.

How to start a beauty salon business: 6 steps to success

Whether you’re a trained beauty therapist or are simply interested in business, running and managing a beauty salon can be a very profitable venture.

5 tips to unplug, unwind and reboot your creativity

For small business owners, it is critical to find ways to cultivate a sense of stillness and peace so that we can boost our creativity.